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Our unique music band is unusually interesting occasion for people looking for professional musical setting for all kinds of parties, artistic and entertaining events.
In an exceptional way we can make wonderful either small ceremonies or big, open air events.
The care about high standard of our service and satisfaction of countless number of clients, stabilized our high position in the music market, making us obliged to constant mastering in completing your musical dreams.
We love what we do and it shows in our work.


Why choose us?

huge repertoire includes all possible music genres and diversity of songs
ability to play in chosen music style (rock, latino, jazz, music of 80's, evergreens etc.)
extra attractions (light decorations, music at the church)
we conduct also in English and Spanish
highest quality technical support & event services (lights, lasers and special effects)
flexible number of members (from 2 to 5 musicians/singers)


extra musicians

Would you like to hear male vocalist, guitarist or drummer...


Would you like to hear male vocalist, guitarist or drummer with us? Or maybe a DJ leading yor party after midnight? No problem at all - we constantly cooperate with additional blinding vocalist and instrumentalist. We can easly adjust the size of our band to best fit Your event. Many of Our Clients choose this option. Don't hesitate – just let us know.



vocal, maracas

A pretty girl, endowed with beautiful, strong voice...


A pretty girl, endowed with beautiful, strong and velvety voice. She has sung in The Musical Theatre of Gdynia. A volcano on the stage - she dances among instruments better then the rest of us. Cares about the band boys, and after the party has finished makes sure we safely reach homes not allowing us to push the accelerator pedal :) She is mad about cosmetics but she’s a golden girl!



tenor & soprano saxophones, accordion

He's our multi-instrumentalist, each of his breathtaking solo...


He's our talented multi-instrumentalist, each of his breathtaking solo is masterpiece. The most difficult song in hardest key is a piece a cake for him. He often takes his sax and plays among the guests on the dancefloor, appealing attention of all ladies. Always punctual and perfection oriented. Warning! He can bore to death with talking about politics ;-)



keyboards, vocal

The founder of the band. Gives everything to it at the parties...


The founder of the band. A calm boy gives everything to it at the parties, he changes into a great jockey, and a splendid ideas dance leader. Makes arrangements and plays the keyboards. He takes care of the highest artistic level and vocally supporting the rest of the band. He is a born leader – can complete every task. From kindergarten memories he has only recollections of not liking the jellywill never ever put it in his mouth!


We provide our service all over the country and abroad. We meet individual requests.

We have attractive prices and guarantee full professionalism coming with our experience.

 weddings & baquets
 company events
 concerts & supports
 exhibitions & fairs
 acoustic acts


We also offer full service of technical support:

 lights (visualisations, light decorations, lasers, moving heads & effects)
 sound providing (indoors & open air, stages, platforms) 

Check ourMultimedia

We encourage you to listen to samples of our songs.

  • 1
    Hot Stuff - Donna Summer
  • 2
    Move in the right direction - Gossip
  • 3
    Night like this - Caro Emerald
  • 4
    Szare miraże - Manaam

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